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A Church IN Every Village: 2012

When you see for the first time the overwhelming poverty, the crying and happy children, you vow to yourself , I WILL NEVER COMPLAIN AGAIN! You desire with everything in you to try and make a difference in the world to help them.

Our purpose is not focused on religion, nor do we hope to evangelize the world. Our ultimate purpose is to give them the Love of the Lord Jesus Christ.  It is the will of our King to live His heart of Love through those whom He has called and commissioned for this task. More Info.

Serving The Church Through Media

Our days and our time on earth is committed to be spent for the Will of God to be revealed in our life! Jesus Christ appointed His Church to be called a House of Prayer! We have a mandate to go and preach the Gospel of The Kingdom Of Heaven. We know that nothing is impossible with God. As we travel into the mission fields we have seen hundreds of miracles of every kind!

Be Part of Our Community

After three mission trips to India and seeing first hand the hard ship and struggle of the poor, my wife and I have made a determined effort to do our best to help the poor children and needy homeless of India's population  of over 1-billion people. Our goal is to have Seven areas of Foundation grant support.  These areas are prevalent on every continent, and exist in every culture and nationality of people. 

Our purpose is not focused on religion. Nor do we hope to evangelize the world. Our Ultimate purpose is to reveal the Lord Jesus Christ & the Kingdom Of Heaven in the earth.  It is the Will of our King to live His heart of Love through those whom He has called and Commissioned for this task.

After many years of research, we have come to realize that the greatest organization of people  on this planet are those who have the  Kingdom heart and focus  of the Lord Jesus Christ. We know and believe that all things are possible to them that believe. With this in mind, I began to pray about having a way for those with ability to  be philanthropic for the Kingdom of God's sake to partner with those who are in the Kingdom field serving in various capacities.

These areas of Kingdom need are:

1.  World Hunger
2. Clean Drinking Water
3. Housing for the Refugee & Immigrant
4. Clothing for the Naked
5. Heathcare & Spiritual health
6. Prision Quality Improvement
7. Kingdom Education

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