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Jesus Prayer Network... provides a global opportunity for the Church to connect and partner with individuals and businesses, to provide answers to any and every need. We have a sincere desire to agree with the will of God on behalf of anyone seeking to find biblical spiritual help for the problems in life. We are not a counseling service, we are a faith-based prayer service. We recieve free-will financial offerings that help support our Affiliate Prayer Partners around the world.

We live in a technology driven society which has begun to shape the relationships we have with others. Because of this, we have international access to connect and agree with each other based upon the biblical principles of God. We meet people everyday looking for someone to encourage them and others looking for someone to encourage. This is the driving force of Open 4 Prayer, the need to connect with someone with a real trust and faith in God!

Jesus Prayer Network... is a 24/7 online prayer service that has the spiritual answer for someone anywhere in the world with internet access looking for hope and encouragement! We are the spiritual help-line that connects hoplessness to hope. We are the light at the end of other people's tunnel. We have been given a divine mandate by God to use media, technology and internet resources to reach all nations of the world with the good news of the Love of God!

Most people think that prayer is a religious exercise, when in fact it is the activation of the supernatural life of God that we were all created to have! For most people, prayer is a very personal and often times private matter. That is why we take our responsibility seriously to keep your prayer needs confidential . Each of our Affiliate Prayer Partners agrees to keep every prayer request confidential. Jesus Prayer Network... is working to be the largest Social Prayer network of it's kind.

Finally, we appreciate your participation in helping make the world a better place by allowing us to serve you. We ask for your prayers that we will continue to grow in the plan of God and continue to be a resource of help and hope to anyone who needs the spiritual biblical blessings of God. It is our goal to be available in every translatable language and accessible in every country.

Thank you and God Bless, William & Debbie Hardrick
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